"So does that mean we get to go on a quest for a magic sword or something? COOL! Where do we get it?!"
— Almond [1]

Almond is Cucumber's little sister and the primary fighter in the main cast. Although she's fearless, headstrong, and confident in her abilities, she unfortunately cannot be a Legendary Hero on account of being a little sister. Her confidence isn't misplaced: she's strong enough to go toe-to-tentacle with Splashmaster himself.

Appearance Edit

Almond has light skin, brown eyes, and curly brown hair. She is slightly shorter than her older brother Cucumber.

She wears her hair in two long braids, fastened at the top with flowers. Almond wears a long brown and cream-coloured dress, with two large pockets, a dark brown bow on the collar, and a dark brown belt. Almond also wears dark brown stockings and black shoes.

Like most of the characters in Cucumber Quest, Almond has bunny ears.


Whatever heroic genes Cucumber was supposed to inherit must've been passed on to Almond instead. She's the exact opposite of her brother, always rushing into things headfirst in a "shoot first, ask later" method of thinking. She dislikes being talked down to and enjoys challenges; she and Peridot have an ongoing rivalry which is implied to be something more.


Almond is a lot stronger than she looks, and is very skilled with a sword. Unfortunately, she isn't as good at defending herself or others and hardly ever uses magic at all. Additionally, the pockets on the front of her dress appear to have strange, space-warping properties that she utilizes to store her sword and the Dream Sword. Even if it's not a "magical attack", Almond has the ability to use the (Evil Vanquishing) Almond Slicer!, powerful enough to one-hit-ko a disaster master. [2][3]


While her nerd brother read books and studied magic, Almond grew up watching Pretty Protector Punisher Pumice and dreaming of one day being a knight. She claims that "everything she knows about swordfighting, she learned from watching TV", but Cucumber has stated that she also went to swordfighting classes on the weekends.

Trivia Edit

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 6.25.04 pm

Almond in her Sir Trumpet costume.

  • In Panpipe's play, Almond played a character called Sir Trumpet.
  • Almond really, really likes gummies.
  • According to Gigi DG, if Almond were to get frozen yogurt she would get at least five different flavours with toppings like gummy worms and Froot Loops and pineapples and chocolate without thinking of how they would taste together.[4]
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