"RRGH! Now ya done gone'n made me madder'n a bull in a cape factory!"
— Saturday

Princess Azalea, also known as Saturday, is the daughter of King Sunflower and King Aster, and the princess of the Flower Kingdom. She has an interesting "hobby," in that she disguises herself as a globe-trotting thief, keeping a huge cache of stolen valuables in Tiramisu Tower.

Appearance Edit

Azalea has white skin and long pale pink hair. As Saturday, it is dyed or somehow otherwise altered to be red. She is quite tall, being less than a head shorter than Mr. R, and has a very slim build.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.40.21 pm

She has dark green ivy-like markings on her skin, which she covers while disguised.

While under the influence of Rosemaster, Azalea wore dark sunglasses.

Personality Edit

Saturday has a thick Southern accent, and mostly uses common Southern phrases to convey her meaning. This may be an affectation, as neither her fathers nor any other citizens of the flower kingdom share this accent. She is angered easily, especially if it means she misses "her show" on TV. Saturday is blunt and straightforward, and does not bother with pleasantries. She is very skilled in combat, but shows no mercy to her opponents.

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