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The BLT Trio (often accidentally called the TLB Squad by Sir Bacon) was the collective name for Queen Cordelia's newly appointed Caketown Castle guards. Its members were Sir Bacon, Dame Lettuce, and Sir Tomato.

The group was ultimately ineffective, mostly due to Tomato and Lettuce becoming distracted with reprimanding Bacon. When it came to actual combat, Lettuce and Bacon were unhelpful and Tomato was often too caught up in his own bravado to fight. The BLT Trio was swiftly foiled by Almond, and most likely all other trespassers with more confidence than Cucumber. The one task they successfully completed was the guarding of Lord Cabbage's prison cell, which isn't much of a feat because Cabbage is able to leave whenever he wants and simply chooses not to.

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Sir Tomato kicking Bacon out of the BLT Trio.

The Trio ended after Sir Bacon said that Princess Parfait "didn't really like" Sir Tomato, and Tomato became enraged and expelled Bacon from the group. Lettuce supported his decision, as usual. Sir Bacon is now roaming the forest, reflecting on how Tomato and Lettuce treated him. Tomato and Lettuce are still 'defending' Caketown and Parfait, with the new collective name of "A Bland Salad".

According to Dame Lettuce, Sir Tomato "threatened a mailman" to get him in the Trio. The mailman's name is Blueberry, effectively replacing the "B" in BLT. However, according to Sir Tomato, they "can't even get past the intro" due to them not having practiced enough.

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