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Basic Information
Gender Female
Homeland Doughnut Kingdom
Affiliations Lord Cabbage, Cucumber, Almond
First Appeared Page 4
Battle Stats
Attack  ???
Defense  ???
Special  ???
Bagel is a resident of the Doughnut Kingdom, married to Lord Cabbage and the proud mother of Cucumber and Almond.

Appearance Edit

Bagel has light peach skin, curly brown hair, and brown eyes.

She wears a long light brown tunic with a puffy white shirt underneath. She wears a white apron, and a brown necklace. Bagel also often wears brown oven mitts, as she is usually cooking something. On her head, she wears a hat that looks like a bagel with cream cheese and strawberries on it.

Personality Edit

Bagel is sweet and caring, but she's not very good at listening to what her children want. She often talks down to Almond without realising it. It is assumed that Bagel hasn't seen her husband for quite some time.

Background Edit

In high school, Bagel was very popular and pretty. She was being hassled by a bully when Cabbage stood up for her. She began dating Cabbage and simply "fell in love".

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