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Basic Information
Gender Female
Homeland Doughnut Kingdom
Affiliations Tartelette
First Appeared Page 50
Battle Stats
Attack Unknown
Defense Unknown
"We said it was dangerous, man. What'd you think we meant?"
— Baguette

Baguette runs a bakery with her sister Tartelette just outside Caketown Castle. She usually makes the bread and savoury items, but she also knows how to make cakes.

Appearance Edit

Baguette has pastel orange skin, bushy brown hair, and brown eyes. She is the same height as Tartelette - a head taller than Cucumber.

Baguette wears a brown dress with a white frilly apron over it, fastened with a light orange bow. Baguette's apron has a brown heart shaped design on the front. Her hair is in a bun, partially covered by a simple white bonnet fastened with hot cross bun barettes. She wears white and yellow striped stockings, and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Baguette is blunt and somewhat dismissive, usually getting mad rather than letting people explain their side of the story. She enjoys teasing others, but doesn't have any real malicious intent. She does not get scared very easily.

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