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Chapter 1 - Disaster in Paradise, starts on page 138 and ends on page 289.


Chapter 1 begins with Cucumber waking up on the shores of Bubblebeard Beach, discovering the Royal Instrument of Summoning and Princess Nautilus, trying to convince a group of Crabsters of her identity. Cucumber saves her, and they introduce themselves to each other. Nautilus reveals her knowledge of the past Legendary Heroes, and tells Cucumber that she needs to assist the Legendary Hero. They enter the Crabster Resort in order to meet the owner.

Almond is seen trapped in a cage on board a ship. Splashmaster enters and tosses Queen Conch into the cage next to Almond. Nightmare Knight appears, demanding a report from Splashmaster, and berates him for kidnapping Conch instead of Nautilus, and Almond rather than Cucumber.

Characters Introduced Edit

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