Chapter 4 - Mismastered, begins on page 729 and ends on page 818.

Plot Edit

Our heroes travel to the Crystal Kingdom, where they discover that Queen Cordelia seeks to awaken the Forsaken Master.

The Forsaken Master leads our heroes into a series of fear testing trials, which are all not scary in the slightest. Cordelia and Peridot find that the whole thing was a joke set up by the Nightmare Knight, and are, in turn, shocked. After several tests, Cucumber and Co. find the real Master behind it, Thebestmaster. Without any way to reseal the stone, Cucumber settles for a giant bathtub drain, and the heroes leave to seek out Quakemaster. Unknown to them, the bathtub drain leads to a strange underworld where Steve resides, and he can now enter Dreamside thanks to the hole.

Cucumber Quest
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