"An up-and-coming inventor always looks for other up-and-comers. Hee, hee, hee."
— Cosmo [1]

Cosmo is an inventor from the Space Kingdom. Although Cosmo’s inventions are quite useful, they're also prone to having life-threatening drawbacks. Cosmo has a habit of showing up right when needed by our Heroes … and also disappearing right when needed.


Cosmo could be called eclectic, but also farcical. Cosmo doesn't say much, and has a smug sort of smile. Cosmo is shown not to care very much about other people's health or safety. Cosmo is willing to partner with known bad guy Glitchmaster, and some of Cosmo's inventions are made with incredibly nefarious and destructive intentions, including a plan to literally blow up the sun


Cosmo is a very talented inventor, especially for someone referred to in the fact file as a kid. Cosmo is able to build fully functional ships and install complicated programming to their inventions.

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