Disaster stones

Seven of the eight Disaster Stones. [1]

Disaster stones2

The eighth disaster stone. [2]

The Disaster Stones are relics created by the Dream Oracle in order to seal away the Nightmare Knight. When all eight Stones are collected, the Nightmare Knight can be summoned. It was originally thought that such an event could never happen, and yet it's happened 100 times so far. Each Stone represents a Disaster Master and is granted to the Legendary Hero upon the Disaster Master's defeat.

Whether intentionally or not, the Stones fit into the wand that Cucumber picked up in Saturday's hideout and augment his abilities with that of the Stone.

Current Stones Edit

There are currently 4 shown stones so far, each corresponding to a disaster master.

Splash Stone - The stone belonging to Splashmaster. It is a blue stone with a light blue ring around it, and a light blue symbol of a wave inside of it. This stone allows Cucumber to spray water around him.

Noise Stone - The stone belonging to Noisemaster. It is an orange stone with a light orange ring around it, and a yellow 8th note symbol inside of it. It can blast noise that can destroy things in a radius around Cucumber.

Mute Stone - The stone belonging to Mutemaster. It is a gray-blue stone with a lighter gray-blue ring around it. Inside of it is a cream-colored rest symbol. It is able to turn everything mute and momentarily freeze time.

Rosemaster orb

Rosemaster's stone shown on page 659.

Rose Stone- The stone belonging to Rosemaster. Although at the very first chapter shows it to have a pink flower, the stone has a pink rose emblem instead. It is unknown of what it can do.

Possible Other StonesEdit

If the Splash, Noise, and Mute Stones are indicative of the naming conventions, then Glitchmaster's would be the Glitch Stone. The golden stone with the cloud on it is likely to belong to the Sky Kingdom's Disaster Master, and the one with the flame to the master in the Crystal Kingdom. The dark purple one with the pink stars may be the stone of the Nightmare Knight himself.