Dream Oracle
Basic Information
Gender Female
Homeland Unknown
Affiliations Legendary Hero, Chardonnay
First Appeared Page 14
Battle Stats
Attack Star
Defense Star Star Star
Special Star Star Star Star Star

The Dream Oracle is the protector of Dreamside. Lately, however, she seems to be avoiding that responsibility by leaving it to the Legendary Hero to mop up whatever troubles happen in the world.

Appearance Edit

The Dream Oracle has pale blue skin and dark blue eyes. Her arms are navy blue and she doesn't seem to have any fingers. The Dream Oracle is very tall. She typically wears a long light blue dress with a star on the neckline and short gauzy sleeves. She also wears a dark blue patterned turban over her hair.

Personality Edit

It is assumed that the Dream Oracle was once wise, solemn, and noble. For now, she avoids almost all responsibility and only appears after the Heroes have defeated a Disaster Master to give Cucumber the reward. She is untrustworthy and dishonest, despite being a very bad liar.

Abilities Edit

The Dream Oracle has a cloud of glittering blue mist that she uses to appear and disappear, and to float on in dangerous places. She claims to have an "all-seeing eye" and an "all-seeing wand" but it is heavily implied that she cannot see the future, and neither all-seeing objects have shown much use throughout the webcomic.

The Dream Oracle was the first person to seal away the Nightmare Knight, so she probably has some power to do with imprisonment. In her fact file, "avoiding responsibility" is also listed as one of her abilities.


The Dream Oracle seems to have been around for as long as Dreamside itself. She acts as an opposing force to the Nightmare Knight, and it falls upon her to initiate each Legendary Hero and begin them on their journey.

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