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Botanica Springs, capital of the Flower Kingdom.

The Flower Kingdom is located in the southernmost island of Dreamside. It is shaped like a tropical flower. The royal family consists of King Aster, King Sunflower, and Princess Azalea

People & Culture Edit

Flower Kingdom citizens have flower or plant-themed names, such as Aster, Maple, and Tulip. Flower Kingdom ears end abruptly in 3 petal-like shapes, and have no curve. Skin tones in the Flower Kingdom are usually yellow-tinted brown, pastel colors, or plain white.

The Flower Kingdom is known as the fashion capital of Dreamside, and it's most well-known publication is R Magazine.

Locations Edit

Botanica Springs Edit

Botanica Springs is the capital of the Flower Kingdom, and Dreamside's "fashion capital". Mr. R and most fashionable people reside in Botanica Springs.

Old Botanica Ruins Edit

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The Old Botanica Ruins are just outside of Botanica Springs. They are where the Princess R Contest took place, and presumably where Rosemaster made her lair.

Queen Lotus' Garden Edit

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Queen Lotus' garden is a large, lush garden surrounded by water located near the Old Botanica Ruins. It is guarded and tended to by The Guardener and his Guardlings. There is a large cornucopia-like plant in the middle of the garden that houses the Hocus Crocus. It is regarded by the Flower Kingdom as a sacred place. Whoever gets it will double his powers by it's blooming years... which is usually 1.

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