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Gigi D.G.'s art of herself from her Twitter.

Gigi D.G. (also gigidigi or gigideegee) is the creator of Cucumber Quest. She is an American artist and blogger, based in Los Angeles, and best known for her comics. She has multiple social media accounts, including a tumblr, Twitter, and Vine.

Influences Edit

Gigi D.G. has stated that she mostly likes "cute things, colorful things, and elegant things". Her work is inspired by the Paper Mario and Kirby series, illustrators like Tadahiro Uesugi and Erté, and the paper sculptures of Brittney Lee. [1]

Other Work Edit

Gigi has worked with fellow webcomic creator Andrew Hussie on the dating sim Namco High, in which she was the primary artist for the character Mr Driller.[2] She has also done work for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero[3] and Bee and Puppycat.

In college, Gigi used to make comics that parodied video games under the name "hiimdaisy". [4]

Gigi has also made another short webcomic named Lady of the Shard.[5]

References Edit


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