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Basic Information
Gender Male
Homeland Doughnut Kingdom
Affiliations Dream Oracle
First Appeared Page 62
Battle Stats
Attack Unknown
Defense Unknown
"Grizzlygum! Legends say he's the toothless guardian of the Gumdrop Forest!"
— Cucumber

Grizzlygum is a bear-like creature with no teeth, who guards the Gumdrop Forest against trespassers. He can be a bit grumpy, but he doesn't intend to hurt anyone.

Appearance Edit

Grizzlygum is about a head taller than Sir Carrot, and roughly 5 times the width. He has a dark orange-gold body with a pale orange belly and snout.

Personality Edit

Grizzlygum is very friendly, but he can be hostile to people he believes are trespassers. He's not very smart, but he has good intentions.

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