Interlude 1 begins on page 290 and ends on page 332.

Plot Edit

In the beginning of Interlude 1, Nightmare Knight informs Queen Cordelia of Splashmaster's defeat. He states that Cucumber and his friends are heading toward the Melody Kingdom, and Queen Cordelia orders Peridot to meet them there. While Peridot takes King Croissant to the dungeon, she sees Lord Cabbage, who is still there even though the door is unlocked.

Up in her room, Princess Parfait screams for help while Sir Tomato dangles her necklace from the balcony. Nightmare Knight overhears Princess Parfait's pleas, and orders the BLT squad back to their post.

Back in the Ripple Kingdom, King Kelp and Queen Conch thank Cucumber and his friends for their help in defeating Splashmaster. King Kelp allows Nautilus to go with Cucumber on his quest, only because he wants to know what the food tastes like in other kingdoms. After a heartfelt goodbye to the Ripple Kingdom, Cucumber, Nautilus, and friends board the Royal Sea Train and travel the Melody Kingdom.

While on the Royal Sea Train, Cosmo meets with the gang and reveals that the train is yet another one of their inventions. In an attempt to show Cucumber and his friends the Royal Sea Train's many features, Cosmo accidentally sets a bomb to explode inside the train. To their convenience, Cosmo flies away on an emergency escape platform.

While Cucumber and company frantically search for the bomb, Saturday and Brambleby ride toward the train to rob everyone there. Almond and Cucumber try to fight Brambleby on the top of the train, but Saturday has already stolen enough money for the both of them and the duo make their getaway on a motorboat.

Nautilus and Sir Carrot find the bomb and Almond throws it overboard, toward Saturday and Brambleby's boat. After Saturday and Brambleby blast off into the sky Team Rocket style, Almond spots the Melody Kingdom in the distance.

Cucumber Quest
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