"For the sake of Dreamside's future, we must believe there is a way... even if things seem a bit hopeless at the moment."
— King Kelp [1]

King Kelp is the king of the Ripple Kingdom, the husband of Queen Conch, and the father of Princess Nautilus.


At first glance, King Kelp seems normal enough, and is a doting father to Nautilus and a mentor to Cucumber. Sometimes, though, it's apparent that he doesn't have all his eggs in one basket and his eccentric personality shines through. While he's knowledgeable and means well, he also doesn't have a lot of common sense, a trait which Nautilus shows every so often. He and Nautilus also have the same sense of humour, which is shown by her delight at the Extremely Specific and Pretty Much Completely Worthless Capsule Spell Machine.


King Kelp is an accomplished wizard and taught Nautilus how to summon Liquus. He also built the Extremely Specific and Pretty Much Completely Worthless Capsule Spell Machine, so he probably invented all of the spells contained within it as well.


King Kelp appeared in Chapter 1 and also briefly at the start of Interlude 1.

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