Legendary hero

The first Legendary Hero defeating the Nightmare Knight.[1]

"Listen, my son. The men of our family have been legendary heroes for generations. ... So it skips a generation here and there!!"
Lord Cabbage [2]

The Legendary Hero is the title given to the person destined to fight the Nightmare Knight whenever he arises. There have been 100 so far, but most of their names are unknown.

It is the duty of the Legendary Hero to defeat the seven Disaster Masters, collect the eight Disaster Stones, and use the Dream Sword to defeat him. Originally, the Dream Oracle assisted him in his quest, but in more recent years, she seems to be skipping out on her duties somewhat.

All Legendary Heroes so far have had certain qualities in common: All are male, with red hair and a green outfit, originate from the Doughnut Kingdom, are named after a vegetable, and have a little sister named after a nut or legume.



Gherkin and his little sister, Peanut.[3]

Gherkin was the name of the very first Legendary Hero who defeated the Nightmare Knight 500,000 years ago, and the only one known in legend. While he resembles Cucumber, it's implied that he had a more outgoing and hero-like personality, like Almond. Gigi D.G. has said that Gherkin, along with most of the past Legendary Heroes, had looked like Cucumber, but with Almond's personality.[4]

Calabash Edit

Calabash and his little sister Walnut were shown on page 568, in the Nightmare Knight's flashback. When the Knight made an effort to speak with them peacefully, Walnut was willing to believe him, while Calabash vehemently insisted it was a trick. It was revealed on page 695[1] that he was the second hero.

Zucchini Edit


Gigi G.D. has posted art of an unknown hero, Zucchini, and his sister Macadamia.

Cucumber Edit

main article: Cucumber

Cucumber is the 100th legendary hero, and the protagonist of Cucumber Quest.


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