Lord Cabbage
Basic Information
Gender Male
Homeland Doughnut Kingdom
Affiliations Cucumber (son), Almond (daughter), Bagel (wife)
First Appeared Page 26
Battle Stats
Attack Star
Defense Star
Jerk Star Star Star Star Star +
"One time I saw him out on a balcony tossing money to the ducks. I asked him why and he just patted me on the head and walked away."
— Sir Bacon [1]

Lord Cabbage is the husband of Bagel and the father of Cucumber and Almond. He works in Caketown Castle doing... something. Something involving lots and lots of money. He was incarcerated in the Caketown Castle dungeon for a while, even though he could have left anytime he wanted. He was recently seen as the host of a contest in the Flower Kingdom.


Lord Cabbage cares very little about anything besides himself and money. He's very pushy and unreasonable, especially when it comes to listening to what Cucumber has to say. He insists that Cucumber become a Legendary Hero despite the fact that Cucumber could have easily thwarted Queen Cordelia before she even had the chance to summon the Nightmare Knight.[2]


Somehow, Cabbage is very good at making money. In his earlier days he must have been somewhat charming as well, because Bagel (who was very popular and pretty) went out with him.


Despite coming from a long line of Legendary Heroes, Cabbage himself has missed out on the hero gene, a fact over which he seems a bit jealous of Cucumber. In the past, he was apparently less of a "jerkface", since he rescued Bagel from being harassed by a bully during their college years and fell instantly in love.[3] Since then, though, he's been nothing but bossy and disconnected from his children.

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