"Why do I deserve to be Princess R, eh? Hmm... Let me see here..."
— Maple

Maple was one of the contestants in the competition to see who would be the new "face" of R Magazine, and the honorary princess of the Flower Kingdom. She is the third contestant to be eliminated by Almond.

Appearance Edit

Maple has orange tinted skin, bushy orange hair, and dark eyes with red pupils. She is the second tallest contestant, and has an athletic build. Maple wears a long orange coat with a black collar and black buttons, with a black belt. Maple also wears a black hat, black gloves, and a black shoulder bag.

Personality Edit

Maple seems surprised when she is chosen to be a contestant, and is lost for words when asked why she should be princess. This indicates she doesn't think very highly of herself, and sees herself as an ordinary citizen.

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