Melody kingdom2

A map of the Melody Kingdom.[1]

The Melody Kingdom is located on the southwest end of Dreamside. Appropriately, it is shaped like an eighth note, with the head separated from the stem and flag by the Intermezzo Wall. King Clarinet, Queen Cymbal, and Princess Piano rule over the southern half; the northern half of the kingdom has no royal family. This is the only kingdom to feature two Disaster Masters, Noisemaster and Mutemaster, fitting the kingdom's overall dual nature.

People and CultureEdit

Melody Kingdom residents commonly borrow their names from musical instruments, although other musical terms can be used. For example, Piano's name is taken from the dynamic, not the instrument (her full name is Piano Forte), and Count Legato is named for the notation.[2] Melody Kingdom ears are straight and slanted forward sharply at the tips, mimicking the flags of eighth notes. Skin tones favor yellows and peaches, although King Clarinet and Princess Piano have warm grey skin.

The two halves of the Melody Kingdom sport different personalities and customs. Those from the Southern Melody Kingdom tend to be eccentric, optimistic, and openly friendly. Northern Melody Kingdomers, while not the exact opposite, are more down-to-earth and honest, and they will readily offer help to those who need it.


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