"Please... Come back soon..."
— Princess Parfait [1]

Princess Parfait is the princess of the Doughnut Kingdom and the daughter of King Croissant. As a princess, Parfait likely knows the legend of the Nightmare Knight and the role she plays in aiding the Legendary Hero defeat him. However, since she's currently locked away in the same castle that the Nightmare Knight is now inhabiting, it won't be easy to reach her.

Appearance Edit

Princess Parfait has very light skin, wavy pink hair, and green eyes. She has a slim build and is of average height.

Parfait wears an elaborate princess dress with a collar resembling whipped cream, puffed sleeves resembling strawberries, and a plain pink bodice. On top of the plain pink skirt are two strawberry-like side puffs, and a cream-coloured apron with a heart design on it. Parfait also wears a crown that looks like a large pile of whipped cream with sprinkles and strawberries dotted through it, with a golden crown on top accompanied by four wafers.

Parfait also wears her carrot necklace around her neck.


Parfait is the picture of royalty, but that doesn't mean she can't stand up for herself - on one occasion she even slaps Sir Tomato after his relentless harassment.

She's emotional, thoughtful, and compassionate, and she and Sir Carrot have a very close relationship which remains strong even as the two are separated. She also has a french accent.


Parfait is very charming, and has been able to tentatively befriend the Nightmare Knight himself - and even convince him to deliver a letter for her.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Gigi DG, if Parfait were to get frozen yoghurt she would always want to try new things, but fall back on strawberry flavor with various berry toppings.[2]
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