"My Piano's calm most of the time, but give her any reason to start hollering and she can't control herself!"
Queen Cymbal [1]

Princess Piano is the daughter of Queen Cymbal and King Clarinet, and the princess of the Melody Kingdom. She was kidnapped by Mutemaster before she was supposed to give a concert in order to power Noisemaster's Noise Blaster with her voice.

Appearance Edit

Princess Piano takes after her father in looks - they both have warm grey skin, dark brown hair, and dark eyes. They're also both tall and slim.

Piano usually wears a long dark dress with white accents, and matching arm-length gloves. She always wears her necklace with the letter "P" on it.


Piano has a very dynamic personality, sometimes similar to her mother. At times, she can be quiet, demure, and composed, but if she's given any reason to get worked up, she becomes highly emotional, either in excitement or distress. While she spent most of her screentime in captivity, she is far from helpless. After quickly figuring out that Noisemaster was using her voice to power her cannon, she made sure to stay quiet while the Heroes fought off the Disaster Masters. She also recovered very quickly from the shock.

Piano is gay,[2] and has a close, possibly romantic relationship with Princess Ametrine, whom she calls "Ammie."


While Piano has no combat prowess, her strength lies in her voice. She's capable of shouting so loud that people all the way in the Space Kingdom can hear her.


Piano is known for her beautiful singing voice and has put on several concerts. People from all across Dreamside come to hear her sing. During her first concert, she was extremely nervous and froze on stage, but Princess Ametrine helped her and she never got stage fright again.


  • Piano's last name is Forte, so her name literally means "quiet loud". "Pianoforte" is also the full name of the piano instrument. Gigi DG has said that she named Piano first, and the fact that her name fits her personality was unintentional. [3]
  • As a child, Piano wore her hair in a bob and wore a necklace with the letters "pf" instead of just "p". The "f" part of her necklace was most likely given to Princess Ametrine, who can be seen wearing it later in the story.
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