"Hear me, Nightmare Knight! I am Queen Cordelia, the one who has resurrected you. I have need of your power."
— Queen Cordelia [1]

Queen Cordelia is the self-proclaimed queen of Dreamside. Although she hails from a distant star, she's taken up residence in Caketown Castle along with Peridot, where she runs her business of World Domination. Much about her is unknown, other than the fact that she's clearly up to no good.


To most people, Cordelia is cold, scheming, and ruthless, the very picture of an evil queen. She's bossy but not arrogant, as seen when the Nightmare Knight warns her not to treat him as one of her underlings. To Peridot, however, she has a much closer relationship, and the two are good friends despite their differences in age, status, and what world they were born on.


Cordelia's main talent is resourcefulness and cunning. She has shown no kind of combat abilities, and her strengths and weaknesses in battle are unknown.


Cordelia appeared briefly in the Prologue and has appeared in Chapter 0 and Interlude 1.


As explained by both Lord Cabbage and Sir Carrot, Cordelia stormed Caketown Castle with Peridot and quickly dispatched King Croissant by turning him to stone. She proceeded to kick out all knights who were still loyal to the royal family, most notably Carrot, but allowed the BLT Trio to remain and work under her. She also spared Princess Parfait and Cabbage, probably because she didn't think they'd be able to do much to stop her.

Chapter 0Edit

Upon Peridot's return with the final Disaster Stone, Cordelia and Peridot put the Stone with the others and succeeded in summoning the Nightmare Knight. Cordelia was quick to inform him that she was the one who summoned him and requested the use of his power to take over Dreamside.

Interlude 1Edit

After Splashmaster's defeat, Cordelia asked for Peridot to make preparations to go to the Melody Kingdom to head off the Heroes. She also asked for her to move the stone statue that used to be King Croissant--seriously, that thing was getting kind of creepy.


  • Commander Caboodle is currently seeking to arrest Cordelia.[2] This, coupled with the fact that the two have similar ear shapes, indicates that they are from the same 'distant star' mentioned on Cordelia's profile card.
  • Cordelia is hardly ever seen without a glass of what appears to be red wine. In character cards, this referred to as "grownup juice."
  • Queen Cordelia has a manicure.
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