Sir Bacon
Basic Information
Gender Male
Homeland Doughnut Kingdom
Affiliations BLT Trio
First Appeared Page 21
Battle Stats
Attack Star
Defense Star
Special Star
"Or... I think I messed up? Sir Tomato said I messed up, so I guess I messed up."
— Sir Bacon [1]

Sir Bacon was a member of the BLT Trio before he was kicked out by Sir Tomato. It is unknown what he does now, but he did appear in Legato's play, so he is still alive. He is the only known person in the Doughnut Kingdom named after meat and has a distinctly pig-like appearance.

Appearance Edit

Sir Bacon has very light skin, rusty orange hair, and brown eyes. He is short and squat, less than half Dame Lettuce's height.

He wears the Caketown Castle knight uniform - a red cape, a waffle cone kilt, watermelon shoulder pads, striped tights and armsocks, and matching cake-like breastplates, gloves, and boots. He also wears what appears to be a small bit of bacon on his breastplate, as all the Caketown knights wear their namesake on their breastplates.

Strangely, Bacon has pig ears rather than bunny ears. This is possibly to poke fun at how bacon is made from pigs.


Bacon is a bit slow on the uptake and often messes up, but he always tries his best to do what people want him to do. He laughs at almost everything and is overall good-natured if somewhat mislead by Sir Tomato and Dame Lettuce.  


Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 5.57.02 pm

Bacon in Panpipe's play.

While it is implied that Bacon is no good in a fight and isn't the brightest tool in the shed, he does possess unusually good acting skills and is capable of being quite attractive. The audience attending Panpipe's play hated the play itself, but gave Bacon a standing ovation for his small role.


Bacon first appeared in the Prologue and has appeared in every chapter and interlude since. He also had his own April Fool's gag in which all the characters (including profile cards) were replaced with pigs.

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