"Carrot, you fool! Now is no time for cowardice!"
— Sir Carrot [1]

Sir Carrot is a knight of Caketown Castle and is in a relationship with Princess Parfait. While he might not be the bravest knight in the kingdom, his heart's in the right place, and he'll pull himself together to assist a friend in need. While he's not as headstrong as Almond, as sensible as Cucumber, or as optimistic as Nautilus, he has a well-rounded and stable personality.

Appearance Edit

Sir Carrot has light brown skin, orange hair, and dark brown eyes. He is twice the height of Cucumber, with a lanky build.

He wears the Caketown Castle knight uniform - a red cape, a waffle cone kilt, watermelon shoulder pads, striped tights and armsocks, and matching cake-like breastplates, gloves, and boots. He also wears a carrot on his breastplate, as all the Caketown knights wear their namesake on their breastplates.

After he was transformed by the mutual love shared between him and Parfait through their strawberry heart lockets, Carrot's uniform changed into a shiny, white suit of armor; with heart-shaped chain mail and a large, magical, pink heart in the middle of his chest. The heart on his chest is what allows him to generate magical weapons.

Like most of the characters in Cucumber Quest, Carrot has bunny ears.


Carrot believes strongly that good will always prevail over evil, and he always tries his best to protect the people he cares about. When Cucumber and Almond first met him, he wasn't the bravest knight in the world, but in recent chapters he's done more to face his fear and stand up for himself and others. While he's steadfast in his beliefs, he sometimes worries about what the future will bring and whether or not he's truly capable of saving Parfait.


Going along with his personality, Carrot's abilities are also fairly well-rounded. In battle, he uses a spear, but he also can detach the carrot on his breastplate and use it as a makeshift dagger. Through the power of his love for Parfait, he was able to transform his armor and gain a magical bow and arrow. This appeared to be powerful enough to defeat Rosemaster, but it's very likely this was a pretense on her part, and she returned to her disaster stone voluntarily.


Carrot first appeared in the Prologue and has appeared in every chapter and interlude since.


Sir Carrot was kicked out of Caketown Castle after Queen Cordelia took over and turned the king to stone. While pondering how to rescue Princess Parfait from the castle, he ran into Tartelette and Baguette, who asked for his help in retrieving sugar from the rock candy caves. When he attempted to do so, Grizzlygum scared him so badly that he climbed up a tree to escape him and remained there until Cucumber, Almond, and the Bakerette Sisters found him. After coming down, he agreed to accompany the group to the Dream Oracle's home.

Chapter 0Edit

After meeting with the Dream Oracle and encountering Saturday, Carrot asked to accompany Cucumber and Almond in retrieving the Dream Sword and defeating the Nightmare Knight. He led the two to Saturday's hideout, Tiramisu Tower, where Almond found him a carrot-tipped spear to replace the one he'd dropped when running from Grizzlygum. When Cucumber found the eighth and final Disaster Stone, Carrot agreed that they should keep the Stone and prevent the Nightmare Knight from being summoned. However, when Almond gave the Stone to Peridot, he was quick to admit defeat and side with Almond in finding the Dream Sword instead.

When the three of them first met Cosmo while looking for a way to get to the Ripple Kingdom, Carrot was wary of them, but admitted that there was no other way to cross the ocean. He admitted to never having traveled outside the Doughnut Kingdom and that he was a bit nervous about the ordeal. When Splashmaster attacked the S.S. Cosmo and sank it, Carrot ended up being separated from Cucumber and Almond.

Chapter 1Edit

Carrot awoke in Shipwreck Shelter alone save for a Crabster named Crabbro. He wasn't far from where Splashmaster had imprisoned Almond and Queen Conch, and although he was hesitant, he decided that he would try to rescue them. When he stood up to Splashmaster, however, the Disaster Master took his spear and nearly bent it in half before throwing him into the same cell from which he'd been trying to rescue his friends.

After Cucumber and Princess Nautilus arrived and Almond tricked Splashmaster into lifting the barrel that blocked the way out of the cell, the Disaster Master turned around and grabbed Carrot, Almond, and Queen Conch. By using the carrot on his breastplate as a dagger, Carrot stabbed Splashmaster's tentacle and caused him to let the three of them go. Unfortunately, he was grabbed again along with Nautilus after Splashmaster lost at the limbo contest, and the two of them were dragged underwater. Cucumber and Almond saved them before they could drown.

Trivia Edit

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 6.25.16 pm

Carrot in his Madame Tambourine costume.

  • In Panpipe's play, Carrot played a character called Madame Tambourine.
    • According to Gigi DG, if Carrot were to get frozen yoghurt he would get cake batter flavor with cheesecake and strawberries as toppings.[2]
    • Sir Carrot cannot drive.


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