"Scared? It's okay. I would be too, if I were dealing with the Manliest Knight in Caketown."
— Sir Tomato [1]

Sir Tomato was the leader of the BLT Trio and is currently part of a Caketown Castle defence duo with Dame Lettuce. Although he claims to be the manliest knight in Caketown, he's really just the one with the biggest ego. He is Queen Cordelia's top henchman after Peridot. He has a major crush on Princess Parfait and flirts with her at every possible moment, despite her clearly disliking him.

Appearance Edit

Sir Tomato has pale skin, bright red hair, and dark red eyes. He has a very muscular build, and is slightly shorter than Dame Lettuce.

He wears the Caketown Castle knight uniform - a red cape, a waffle cone kilt, watermelon shoulder pads, striped tights and armsocks, and matching cake-like breastplates, gloves, and boots. He also wears a tomato on his breastplate, as all the Caketown knights wear their namesake on their breastplates.

Like most of the characters in Cucumber Quest, Tomato has bunny ears.


Sir Tomato thinks very highly of himself, constantly repeating to others that he is very manly. In reality, he's a coward, a braggart, and overall a not very nice guy. In his fact file, it says he spends his time "picking fights with children".


Sir Tomato hasn't actually demonstrated any skills, apart from bragging and not taking a hint. So far, the only scenes in which he's shown fighting either: a) show him picking on people who have no way to fight back; or b) end up with him getting smacked in the face with Almond's sword.


Sir Tomato used to be allies with Sir Carrot. When Cordelia came in and started eliminating any knights who stood in her way, Sir Tomato and the other members of the BLT Trio quickly switched to her side.

Trivia Edit

  • Tomato gets all his jokes from one joke book.
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