— Splashmaster [1]

Splashmaster is the first of the seven Disaster Masters and the ruler of the Ripple Kingdom. He resembles an enormous, candy-colored, Cyclopean squid. According to Gigi D.G, Splashmaster can "draw Nightmare Knight better than [she] can."


Splashmaster is not very bright, and speaks in short, Cookie-Monsterish monosyllables, with broken grammar. While he understands the Nightmare Knight's orders well enough, he often tries to exceed expectations, only to fall short. He takes childish glee in doing things he thinks are clever (which, more often than not, are not).


Splashmaster appears to have no special abilities, apart from smashing things (at which he excels).


Through the multiple resurrections of the Nightmare Knight, Splashmaster has kept a record of how many boats he's smashed.[2] It also seems that he has a reputation of being a disappointment.


Splashmaster's defeat happened in three steps. First, Princess Nautilus challenged him to a limbo contest in order to win back the Limbo Crown he'd stolen. For the challenge to happen, everyone present was transported to the Limbo Dimension using a prototype Limbo Dimension Generator. The bar was set far too low for him to limbo under, so Nautilus easily won the competition. Splashmaster protested that the contest was unfair and smashed the Limbo Dimension Generator, breaking them out of the Limbo Dimension and into the water.

Next, Almond and Liquus attempted to fight Splashmaster underwater, but he had a clear advantage. Cucumber, using a spell he'd acquired from the Extremely Specific and Pretty Much Completely Worthless Capsule Spell Machine [3], created an enormous bathtub drain and used it to drain all the water out of the lagoon where they were fighting. Once on dry land, Almond was finally able to easily defeat Splashmaster, earning our Heroes the Splash Stone.

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