"The Nightmare Knight himself would be horrified by what lies beneath this hood."
— The Guardener

The Guardener, also known as Gary, is a somewhat ghostly being who was originally the caretaker of Queen Lotus' garden and the Hocus Crocus. Later, he gets a job in the Crystal Kingdom, as an actor in the latest season of Pretty Protector Punisher Pumice. He is passionate, mysterious, and a little menacing.

Appearance Edit

The Guardener wears a flowing forest green cloak fastened with a dark green clasp. His face and limbs are covered by the cloak, and he warns that what is beneath the hood is terrifying. Underneath the hood is shown to be a very realistic rendition of a rabbit, rather than the artistic "cutesy" style that Gigi normally uses. To the other characters within Dreamside, this visage is that of a horrible, terrifying monster.

Personality Edit

The Guardener is powerful, enigmatic, and shrewd. He was able to defeat Rosemaster, showing that he is very powerful - but Rosemaster was able to curse his followers (Guardlings) away from him. This is revealed to be false, as Rosemaster has been kind to the Guardlings, rather than the Guardener, who shows a lack of caring towards them.

Baby gary

Story Edit

In Chapter 3, The Guardener first appears as the caretaker of the garden where the Hocus Crocus grows. He offers to give the crocus to Cucumber and friends if they can look at his face without fear, which they fail to do, running away screaming.

In Interlude 4, Pretty Protector Punisher Pumice hires a new actor to play a facsimile of the Nightmare Knight on their show. When the real Knight shows up to put a stop to this, the person in the costume is revealed to the Guardener, whose real name is Gary.

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